Developing High Performing Female Leaders

  • Are the talented women in your business feeling frustrated, bored or held back?


  • Are they actively looking for work elsewhere because they don't feel able to ask for the development they need within your organisation?


  • Are you losing out on 50% of your organisation's talent, potential for growth and expertise?


  • Do you want to develop a more efficient, more profitable and more diverse business by helping the talented women in your organisation to grow into senior executive roles?



The 'Developing High Performing Female Leaders' programme is designed to encourage women to recognise their capabilities and ask for the things they need to take up senior roles.  It is designed to help a firm:

  • retain talent

  • attract talent

  • use existing talent better

  • give women the confidence to step up and take on roles that are right for them and right for the business


Is your business making the most of the talent available?


A business where there are more women at senior executive level is more efficient, more profitable and more diverse.  Women bring a perspective that is absent on an all-male board or management team.  Evidence shows that businesses that have gender balanced management are significantly more profitable than those that don't.  Having a balance allows a company to use the very best of thinking. Is your business making the most of the talent available?


All my 'Developing High Performing Female Leaders' programmes are tethered to the 3 anchors below and are tailor-made for each client.  Options range from a basic one day session right through to six days (spread over several months) with additional one-to-one coaching either face-to-face or over the telephone.


Assured Leadership


Understanding what you are capable of, articulating this and speaking up when you need to.



Accomplished Leadership


Managing your time, your meetings, yourself and others, delegating and thinking strategically.



Authentic Leadership


Understanding yourself and other people and being true to yourself whilst being successful in business. 


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