Having Successful Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are unavoidable. We all have to have them – at home, at work, and in everyday life – yet most of us dread them.


Failing to equip our people with the skills to have these conversations can lead to tension in the workplace, awkward working relationships and even, in some cases, negligence.


Difficult conversations are something everyone – from the most junior to the very senior – has to negotiate in the workplace. They can’t be avoided, so it’s much better to be confident to have them and to do them well.


Here are some examples of the difficult conversations you or your people may need to have:


  • Telling someone 'you are not performing' or 'you need to work harder'

  • Asking for a pay rise or a different role

  • Saying no

  • Explaining you are feeling dissatisfied with your role

  • Giving feedback


Don’t assume that people know how to have these conversations – it is something that most of us need to learn how to do.


If people don’t know how to have difficult conversations, two things tend to happen:


Firstly, you spend time worrying about the conversation (before it even takes place), which can lead to:


  • Sleepless nights

  • Stress

  • Anger building up

  • Working relationships deteriorating

  • Productivity going down


None of which is good for individuals or for business.


Secondly, when the conversation finally happens, it's often handled badly, due to lack of skills and planning. For example, delivery might be over-aggressive or important issues might never be brought up. Instead of solving the issue, this just causes further upset.


The good news is that having difficult conversations is a business skill that can be learnt, like any other.


I help people to face up to this daunting challenge, and show them how to communicate in a confident, open, and authentic manner (rather than burying their heads in the sand and simply avoiding the issue).


By enabling people to have these conversations in a comfortable way, the whole working environment can be improved. Things then look very different, with a climate of honest and open feedback, rather than one of resentment, frustration and anger. People work better and are happier.


Difficult conversations need to be had repeatedly in the workplace. I can't prevent that.  What I can do is prepare you for these conversations and equip you with the skills and confidence to handle them.  The training is powerful, intense and achieves immediate impact and results.


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