What clients say

It is always very easy to say good things about oneself and one's services.  After all, if I don't believe in what I do then how on earth can I expect anyone else to? 


So, instead, here is some of the feedback that I have received from clients that I have worked with over the last couple of years so that you can judge for yourself. 

"I worked with Amber when she was co-lead on a training programme I attended through my employer, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Utilising one-to-one coaching calls between modules, Amber through her excellent questioning and coaching skills, enabled me to recognise and articulate what I wanted to achieve and helped me to develop a new perspective on my career ambitions.  During the course Amber's natural presentation style engaged with the audience, maintaining interest and participation.  She was challenging and empowering and brought the whole group together through discussion and role plays.  Amber is open, honest and creates a rapport with participants through sharing experiences.  Working with Amber helped me to realise that I do have the potential to progress in my career and that I do have the skills to become a good leader."

"Having had the pleasure of working with Amber, I can honestly say that the personal approach she takes in working with people in order to achieve the progress wanted is excellent.  Amber listened to what I had to say but instead of passing comment on my current situation and the limiting beliefs I carried with me, she had the ability to assess the situation very accurately and gently probe so that I could see the solutions myself and what I needed to do to address it and make change happen.  Her gentle probing helped me change those limited beliefs into empowering ones.  In all my conversations with Amber her listening and questioning always led me to the solutions myself.  Thanks to Amber my confidence levels grew and I was able to successfully work on my personal development and achieve the promotion that I worked really hard for."
"I have had the privilege to be coached by Amber, we worked together for a few months and had regular contact during this period.  Her humble and clear manner creates a trust that made it easy for me to share experiences.  She asks questions in a way so I had to come up with solutions and let me make the decisions and that really helped me to grow as a person.  Her way of listening and encouraging me to try new things h as also helped me grow as a person both in working life and in my private life.  Today, I miss our coaching sessions, and I hope that sometime in the future I will have the opportunity to be coached by her again."
"Working with Amber has been a wonderful, inspiring experience and a journey of personal and professional growth beyond my expectations.  From the first one-on-one session Amber set the tone for change.  Whilst I was talking about challenges, lack of confidence and self-doubts she quickly helped me change my inner dialogue and mind-set.  My approach became more focused on the learning process, allowing for mistakes without being discouraged.  She helped me to identify where my actual opportunities for change were and to be in charge of my personal growth.  Working with Amber has resulted in a greater confidence and better self-assessment - a sense of empowerment.  Amber has the ability to defuse a difficult or sensitive topic in a way that is inspiring.  She asks the right questions, is very supportive, constructive in her feedback and generous with sharing her own experiences.  I can't imagine having gone through this experience with a better coach!"


"Before attending a leadership programme for women on which Amber was a key facilitator and coach, I was quite overwhelmed with my workload and being a mother/wife.  With Amber's gentle nudging and her sharing the stories of other women, I learned how to tap into my unused potential and found amazing strengths.  Now I am very good at delegating and empowering my two teams, and at marketing the results to our top management as well as the general public.  This has earned the company, my teams and myself very positive feedback.  I now feel like the driver of my career and personal life - and am very grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Amber in such an intense way taking a big step on my personal development."

"I came to Amber feeling really low in self-confidence and without a strong sense of direction.  She created a really safe space, where I felt free to express myself and asked astute, targeted questions that helped me find a way out of my confusion.  She helped me to set some goals and change my way of thinking - which has made a huge difference to me on so many levels.  She has terrific empathy and is a brilliant listener.  I would recommend her to anyone.
"Amber, with her insightful advice and good humour, has helped me to think about myself in a very different way - turning pessimism and negativity into confidence and positivity, providing tailored and practical advice to help me successfully navigate the choppy waters of digital interviewing and take the next steps in my professional development.  Wherever you may be on the career ladder, Amber can help you reach the next rung!"


"You don't know what you don't know until someone opens your eyes.  Having finally pinned down a once in a lifetime meeting I needed to ensure I got the right outcome.  Amber coached me to improve the structure of my presentation, teaching me specific skills to prepare for meetings and making a huge difference to my confidence to deliver.  Thanks Amber, I got the contract!"


"Very clear and knowledgeable, good lively delivery."

"Thank you , this was really useful and relevant and you were a fantastic presenter/trainer!"

"Overall a very helpful course and definitely recommended."

"Very enjoyable - Amber is clearly very experienced."

"Very valuable session.  I can use what I have learnt today every day in my role with people managment and within my role as a supervisor."

"Very insightful and funny at times."

"I feel empowered and inspired. I believe in myself that I can influence and make a difference.  Confident to bring on new challenges."

"A very demanding, challenging and enjoyable three days which have inspired me to take my learnings back into my job role.  I know that I can do this - I am an empowered believer."

"Nice and clear, also persistent for giving great feedback when videoed, constructive, didn't let me off the hook"

"Great at keeping us engaged when we clearly didn't want to be.  Liked examples on difficult conversations and saying no."

"Excellent at role play and giving communications tips."





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