One-to-One Performance and Confidence Coaching for Women

I specialise in working with women to improve your success both commercially and personally.


Women and men often approach things such as networking, presentations, meetings, interviews, self-promotion and difficult conversations in very different ways.  Sometimes, as women, our critical inner voice can affect our confidence and hinder opportunities.


With a wealth of experience developed over the past 20 years in some of the most challenging of working environments, I work with you to identify what is limiting your potential and then help you to develop the specific skills you need to reap success.


The coaching I offer is tailored to each individual.  It all comes down to identifying what you find challenging, working through scenarios, techniques and skills to change your mindset, giving you some practical tools to use, establishing effective patterns of behaviour and drawing out your unique potential.  The aim is to make you the best and most confident you can possibly be.


Whether you are a new recruit or at senior board level; whether you are part of a big company or running your own business, the skills I help you to develop - strong leadership, great communication and confident self-belief - can make all the difference when it comes to success, promotion and attaining your goals.

"Made a huge difference to me on so many levels."


"Challenging and empowering."



"Wonderful, inspiring experience...a journey of personal and professional growth beyond my expectations."


"My confidence levels grew  and I was able to successfully work on my personal development and achieve the promotion."


"Turning pessimism and negativity into confidence and help me successfully navigate the choppy waters of digital interviewing."




"You don't know what you don't know until someone opens your eyes. Thanks Amber, I got the contract!"


If you would like to know more please call me on 07872 936430 or email

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